Artist Statement

An acute fascination with observing the natural world has been the core inspiration for my abstract paintings: vast bodies of water that sparkle with multitudinous greens and blues, the emblazoned setting sun in all its warm, vibrant glory, flora and fauna, celestial beings. It is my goal not to copy these things, but to dive into their essence, interpret their mystery, and revel in the act of the painting experience.

The work becomes an expression of the joy of experiencing nature, most especially the colors and the shapes in it; a culmination of all of the beauty etched into my soul from decades of reverent observation. I step into God’s invitation to co-create with him as I seek to translate the stunning depth of nature’s brilliant hues, and to convey an ethereal underlying luminosity that points to the divine.

In this frenetic, rapidly changing world we live in, I seek to create paintings that allow the viewer to pause, breathe, imagine, and ponder his or her place in the human experience of this worldly existence.