Abstraction: My five year old could do that….

“My five year old could do that”? One could relate this to any abstract form of art or thought, be it music, poetry, or literature, not to mention theology, philosophy or theoretical physics. To this point, I would like to share an excerpt from a wonderful book that I received years ago as a gift from an artist friend.

Half of talent is desire

I do have an extreme desire to spend a great deal of my time making paintings, thinking about paintings, staring at paintings and dreaming about paintings. When I relate to a routine to my work day in the studio, I find that … It is an exhausting day, both physically and mentally. People often comment “at least you’re doing something relaxing”. Relaxing? That is hilarious. It’s anything but relaxing! It can be as relaxing as being in labor. That said, the “birth” of a painting is a thrill and a joy.